Distillation Process

Here at Negative we have developed a unique distillation process that eliminates all CO2 (Carbon dioxide) created from the production of alcohol. Our photobioreactor and distillation process minimises our emissions and converts carbon into oxygen!
We start by bubbling the CO2 (Carbon dioxide) created from producing alcohol, through our family of algae living in a photobioreactor, for it to be consumed (and with some help from the sun) be released as oxygen.

All ingredients that go into making our deliciously unique spirits, are ethically sourced and sustainably. Ensuring our spirits are of the highest quality, whilst simultaneously reducing our emissions.
We are currently working with researchers to develop a methodology for calculating carbon negativity more accurately using the PAS 2060:2014 self-certification process, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the synthesis of a series of best-practice guides and protocols for achieving carbon neutrality.
For every 1kg of carbon, we are able to turn that into 2kg of oxygen!

We are Committed

Negative Emissions
Improving the impact we have on the environment, so you can feel good about drinking Negat-ve
Quality Spirits
We use 100% organic and ethically sourced ingredients in all of our spirits.
Great Taste
Creating unique spirits bursting with flavour, perfect in your next cocktail!

Did you know!

With each bottle made we reverse the amount of CO2 a car creates driving from Hobart to Launceston.