Carbon Negative?

We go beyond carbon neutral!

Ensuring every bottle is carbon negative to a minimum -100kgs, whilst maintaining a high-quality Tasmanian spirit we know you will love.

Making alcohol produces a significant volume of carbon dioxide (CO2). Here at Negat-ve we have developed a process to capture this CO2 and feed it to our family of algae living in a photobioreactor, for it to be consumed and released as oxygen. 

Our algae family is large enough to capture more carbon dioxide than we produce! For every 1kg of CO2, we produce 2KG of oxygen.

We are also supporting a number of carbon offsetting projects like reforestation.

Helping the planet one G&T at a time

Our Story

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"Full of delightful juniper, a hint of lemon myrtle and a luscious mouth feel, this gin keeps me coming back for more"

Aloft Restaurant

Dan - Aloft

"So much potential for cocktails and mixers, great to see a brand giving back, not just to the community but the planet too!"

Evolve Spirits Bar

Jac - Evolve Spirits Bar

"Clean and spicy; can't wait to try it in a martini"


Bryn - Preachers