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Gin and Vodka Classics ($13)

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How Not To Make Gravy ($15)

We aren't too sure how to make gravy, cocktails are more our thing. But with the help of Luca Brasi we know this isn't it: tart, spritzy and a bit over spoken, kind of like your Wine Aunt at Christmas and definitely not gravy.

Gin, limoncello, lemon sorbet, and mint. 15% alc.

Espresso Joetini ($16)

Martin Martini's cooler Italian-Tasmanian cousin. This one boasts not one, but two Negat-ve products, and we all know two negatives make a positive? Coffee, booze, and no carbon. What more could you want?

Vodka, espresso liqueur, a hint of chocolate and coffee. 19% alc.

Negat-ve Negroni ($16)

You ever wanted to drink the Fibonacchi Sequence? Well you are in luck friend, the long search is over! Negronis have one golden rule: "don't f**k with with the ratios". Stiff, boozey, and classic. Made for math nerds and literally anyone else.

Gin, sweet vermouth and aperitif. 24% alc.